Less Talk, More Action

We co-create tools to support futurable organizations in their transformation:

  • an online platform, that collects, compares, complements and evaluates all available information on corporate sustainability;
  • operating modules and systems for the management of social and environmental impacts;
  • new formats for stakeholder inclusion at different engagement levels;
  • training modules for managers and employees;
  • new spaces for dialogue and shared thinking.

Our areas of opportunity and collaboration for impact:

We develop engagement strategies that enable your organisation's future viability - from practical tools for impact creation & measurement to educational programs.

Join us and contribute to

  • Driving sustainable innovation across business
  • Creating long-term, transformational cross-industry collaborations
  • Activating the SDGs as a driver for future strategy and success
  • Identifying new circular innovations and opportunities
  • Activating employees as brand advocates on sustainable visions
  • Exploring Artificial Intelligence & Big Data for sustainability
  • Identifying opportunities to address SDG risks
  • Portraying the total impacts of business

Current Projects

Find out about our current projects and the possibilities for collaboration!

FuturAbility eG | Impact Hub Vienna,
Lindengasse 56/18-19/93, A-1070 Vienna