IMRATE - Impact Based Rating

Project Description

Our vision: “We make the sustainability of all companies visible and comparable.

This is currently not the case: there is no established system for assessing sustainability that covers all organizations and is accessible to all stakeholders. Nor can target 12.6 (companies should act and report on sustainability) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be measured today.

In IMRATE, everyone can identify, compare and rate the sustainability of all companies. We are not inventing an additional standard, but bringing together existing rating systems in a meta-rating. The online platform uses state-of-the-art technology such as AI, blockchain and web scraping, for the joint evaluation of all existing sustainability information.

Outcome and Impact: All are incorporating corporate sustainability performance into their decision-making. Companies are more sustainable and the sustainable development is accelerated.

Development Stage


In Preparation

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Ways to Collaborate

You are invited to join our stakeholder community. If you are interested in actively participating in the development of IMRATE or would like to stay informed, please visit our campaign at We are currently preparing project phase 2.

NOTION data room

Some of our partners in project phase 1:

Global Compact Netzwerk ÖsterreichUN environment programmeSDG Watch AustriaRaiffeisen Nachhaltigkeits-InitiativeSchachinger LogistikbellafloraEYVBVGWÖ