Our Vision

Futurable organizations collaborate with society and across their entire value chain. By integrating the potential of their stakeholders, they co-create value for all. Their success is no longer determined exclusively by financial profit but by their present and future impact and their benefit to society and environment, measured by integrated financial and non-financial indicators.

Our Mission

We work together to radically accelerate the pace of change and support the transformation of future-oriented organizations and their individuals. By adapting a stakeholder-oriented outside-in-approach we enable true business sustainability. Inclusively and collaboratively, we design and develop engagement strategies, tools & instruments to enable positive impact for our common future.

Our Values

Sustainability: We think and act long-term and aim to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment, supporting a sustainable future for all.

Excellence: We act with integrity and always strive for the highest quality knowledge, performance and impact, while knowing that we can rely on each other as a team.

Openness: We are open-minded and draw from our diversity of knowledge and experience. We learn from each other and our projects, cultivating an organisation that accepts and takes positive lessons from mistakes. FuturAbility is an exciting learning journey into the future, both for us and our partners.

Positivity: We share our confidence in a sustainable future as well as the joy of being able to support the transition to a better future within the team and with our partners. We apply humour and creativity to our work, as we appreciate them as emotional qualities of great connectivity.

Open Organization

We are a not-for-profit and impact oriented cooperative and focus on collaboration, co-creation, inclusion, inter- and trans-disciplinarity, living labs and more ... and we are ready to experiment to

  • create space for dialogue and collaborative thinking
  • make projects as participatory as possible
  • explore the elements of creativity and serendipity
  • think outside the box ... and rethink the box
  • operate in an impact focused and stakeholder-centered way
  • always think positively!

FuturAbility eG | Impact Hub Vienna,
Lindengasse 56/18-19/93, A-1070 Vienna