Corporate Value Score

Corporate Value Score

Project Description

Non-financial information is becoming increasingly important in the assessment of companies. This information can be derived along the value chain: Value creation requires the interaction of different stakeholders. The positive development of a company is ensured when it creates value for its most important stakeholders. This leads to the question: How valuable is the company to its stakeholders?

Up to now, however, the assessment of a company’s value is limited to financial KPIs – and no method is available for processing and quantifying relevant non-financial information. We are therefore developing a survey method that allows companies to assess companies’ value from a stakeholder perspective.

The first project phase was successfully completed with Vöslauer in 2022. The second phase of the development project covers the software development and beta version of the Corporate Value Score (2023-2024), which can subsequently be offered to all companies.

Development Stage


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Ways to Collaborate

Companies can participate in the development of the Corporate Value Score method in the second project phase.