As global societal needs and expectations are rapidly changing, a joint endeavor is needed to find holistic solutions.


We focus on collaboration and co-creation to improve the impacts of organizations and their contribution to society and environment.

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From training and educational programs to tools for stakeholder engagement, impact creation and measurements.

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Shaping Impact Together

The great challenges of our time can only be met through increased cooperation. Competition has to develop into collaboration. It requires a fundamental change in organizations and new approaches to strategy and decision-making to achieve environmental and social impact through opening up, collaborating and co-creating with stakeholders.

All stakeholders have valuable resources. When organizations are able to draw from this potential to set mutual goals, great things can be achieved. FuturAbility accelerates and supports the transformation to a futurable next economy – be part of it!

Our Vision

Futurable organizations collaborate with society and across their entire value chain. By integrating the potential of their stakeholders, they co-create value for all. Their success is no longer determined exclusively by financial profit but by their present and future impact and their benefit to society and environment, measured by integrated financial and non-financial indicators.

Thoughts About the Future

The current changes raise many questions, bring new topics to the agenda and call for solutions. Here are some of them:

Corporate reporting is constantly changing. But where is it going? And which development is actually desirable?

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