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Project Description

A short term learning programme for everyone who wants to become a systems changer: individuals from business, academia, not-for-profits, public sector organisations, students can learn to design an SDG strategy for their organisation. Content can be integrated as a course module at universities and business schools, or to corporate in-house seminars & trainings.

As digital transformation trends are driving change in collaboration and learning activities, businesses, associations, education and government institutions or project-based groups can gain great advantage using advanced tools. Our Digital Learning platform will support advanced features such as mobile learning and live collaboration (Videoconferencing, webinars, online whiteboards, messaging, ..) for capacity building. Collaborative learning experience and project collaboration will be part of this agile and modern learning experience, to make organizations and individuals fit for a sustainable future.

Ways to Collaborate

While content and curriculum for real-life classrooms and seminars is ready to apply, it takes a great deal of financial power to develop a digital learning platform which meets our elaborate technical requirements. To collaborate with experienced, high-level technical experts, we are looking for project sponsors, who want to contribute to SDG 4.7, and ensure that learners acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles. Contact us, if you’re ready for it!